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We just made your favorite food available for take-out. 

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How It’s Done?

We Mix our drinks and cook our food fresh every day, right in front of your eyes from our glass-walled kitchen. We have no microwave ovens, heating lamps, semi-finished products, no dyes, no high fructose corn syrups, flavor-additives, or preservatives. No Artificial or  so-called “Natural Flavors”. Just good food and Quality drinks that's fresh, healthy, and Organic!

Mangoes, Pineapples, guava… these are the things I live for. The MoreLYF JUICEBAR makes it Sooo easy to order online, over the phone, or whatever else is convenient for my crazy life around Broward County. Thanks for being awesome, and having the best Acai Smoothie on earth!

Vanessa Griffith
Tamarac, FL

Great customer service, quick delivery, and very reasonable prices for products of such Great quality!

Erik Johnson
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Quality of your Juices are top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly fell in love from my first order. Not to mention, I love the site navigation, so user-friendly!

Amanda Mitchell
Tampa, FL

Love the Juices, especially the Pineapple Guava, Amazing! Great price and fast delivery. No hassle online shopping. I will definitely be coming back!

Clark Ramon
Port St. Lucie, FL

About Us

Introducing MoreLYF’s

Online Juicebar and Cafe

The MoreLYF Juicebar is inspired by our love of summer — the warm breeze off the ocean, delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, A Healthy Diet, and exotic tropical flavors, the Image of Good Life in itself. We want the summer to be all-year-round, and we've created a restaurant to make it happen. We use only the highest quality fresh ingredients to create dishes you'll love, and Drinks that’ll make you feel More Alive. Our owner Is completely and Strictly Vegan (Maybe the most Strict in the World), also a “Germaphobe” like you’ve never seen before. So You can be rest assured you are Getting the Purest Quality, available nowhere else on the Market!


We traveled all over the world, tried hundreds of exotic dishes, and gathered them in one place. Get a taste of summer anytime.


We Will Never Share or sell your Information. None of your ainformation Is Saved In our data base. Everything Immediately Disappears after Purchase except the details of the Purchase, Your Name, Number and email for Contact Purposes and Marketing. If you wish to not receive emails From us you may opt-out at anytime by Clicking the unsubscribe link at the Bottom!


Because This Is Hot Food Being served and Delivered. All Customers must be aware that Every Transaction Is Final and Non Refundable. Any Problems you may Have with Your Items of Purchase may be Disputed Via Text Message Or Email through Our Customer service depth. We will re-ship any Damaged item or Refund, whichever is more beneficial for Both Parties. However you may not ask For refund after 72hrs, as All Purchases for food cannot be returned after Order has been shipped out or has been opened. Items has to be damaged and Untouched in order to receive a Refund!

Terms and Conditions 

MoreLYF JUICEBAR Is a Proud subsidiary of MoreLYF INC. We will never Share, sell, Or Replicate your Data. All Information is encrypted and will not be visible to Any staff Member whatsoever. Every Meal is Made to Order. We encourage to warm for atleast 30secs upon Delivery if it is a Hot meal or Simply allow Frozen drink to melt as these Methods are Used to Preserve Food items and as they are being shipped, to make sure the Freshness is still captured Within your Meal. We may have to use Foil Wraps If Warehouse runs out of Bottle caps. We may use our Supermarket partners For extra supplies such as Plastic Bags, etc. However, we ensure the integrity of our business owner and Will Garauntee an All Natural, Preservative Free, Chemical free, Gluten free, Dairy Free, Fully Organic, 100% Vegan Meal each and everytime. If you have any allergies, please place in the notes so we know how to accommodate your order. As we will not Be responsible for any allergic Reactions from foods Served, especially if not made aware. All Ingredients are freshly picked and Purchased at the same time from Local Markets. No Shipped In Goods Are Used. EVERYTHING IS CERTIFIED FRESH!!! 

All Purchases are assumed to be Made by an aware and Cognitive party that is Conscious of what they would like to have and therefore Is Free from our Liability once it Leaves our Kitchen. If anything is to happen during Delivery or shipment through 3rd party Couriers (Uber, Doordash, UPS, etc.) One would have to contact that 3rd Parties cuatomer service for Reimbursement and let us know, As we will accommodate with a discount but we cannot return any funds for damaged goods Uppn being shipped. As mentioned beforw we are not responsible for what happens once the food Leaves our Kitchen! 

After every Purchase We encourage Our Customers to Check us out on Social Media. Posts your Favorite Drinks and Meals and use our hashtags below. We will always be Giving Out Promotional deals and keeping Events and through these Hashtags you can keep up with everything MoreLYF!😊

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